"I won't ruin a good story with the absolute truth."

-Warren Miller


What we do

Fabric and Drape

Little Mad's specialty is working with fabric.  Whether you need a simple wall of drape to hide an unsightly hotel air-wall or an elaborate ceiling filled with flowing swags of fabric, this is our game.  Elegant ceremony backdrops and enhancements are details that set your wedding apart from the crowd.  One thing that we really love about fabric is the variety that's available to us.  We have a vast array of colors and textures to choose from that give you an almost infinite amount of options for you to choose from to fit your event.  Do you like a little drama, maybe an amethyst satin fabric with crystal bead accents.  Is classic romantic elegance more your style?  We love a double layer satin and chiffon inspired look in classic ivory that takes lighting beautifully.  If you need a little guidance in the design process, we're here to help.


Event accent lighting

Good lighting is critical to the success of any good event design.  We get that.  Nobody wants their guests to be in the dark (not usually anyway, but we can do that too).  Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of up-lighting around a space to take it beyond the ordinary.  Sometimes you want to layer on more levels of light to truly transform the look of a venue.  Sometimes you want a dramatic or elegant chandelier installation over your dance floor to wow your guests.  We do all of this and more.  Pin-spots, bistro or market lights, string lighting, twinkling fairy lights, these are all in our wheelhouse.  Have even grander visions in your sights, let us know and we'll figure it out or help you find the right person to execute the design of your dreams.


Design and more

Sometimes what you need doesn't fit neatly into a pre-designed package.  Every event is unique and that's why we love them.  If you need help pulling together the look of your event, need recommendations for florists, caterers, rental houses, or other vendors, reach out to us and we'll see what we can do to help.  Even the most adept planner needs a good team with them on the day of their event.  We want to be part of that team.


Please note that some of the designs pictured above, Little Mad created for other design companies.


“Don't take life seriously because you won't come out of it alive.”

-Warren Miller